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Why Are We Being Picketed?

Where is the truth in the stories being told? One question to ask is whether Facebook and social media sites (or even the side of the road) are the appropriate places to find that truth and a resolution to the problem. Family Pet Hospital is not going to wade into the mire of a social media war with any client. If any client has "evidence" that we treated his pet inappropriately, his legal recourse is to take the issue to court where ALL the documents from ALL the hospitals involved in the care of his pet may be examined as a whole. However, since this client has elected not to do that in lieu of trying to smear our reputation in as many public ways as he can, a brief response seems appropriate.

A client brought his dog, to Family Pet Hospital because of a poor appetite. Following an examination, diagnostic tests were done and a tentative diagnosis was made, and a treatment plan accepted. Unfortunately, the treatment did not fully resolve his dog's lack of appetite. Additional treatments were instituted without resolution. A second opinion was sought at another hospital, where it seems that he got the impression that our treatment may have added to the problem. We recommended evaluation by a specialist, who also could not find a problem to answer why his dog wouldn't eat. A second specialist performed additional surgery and biopsies, but could not find any fault with our initial treatments, nor did they find a cure for the dog's condition. The dog's condition became critical and she died while in the care of the specialty hospital. So, in spite of at least four veterinarians aside from us at Family Pet Hospital, including several specialists, trying our best to find a solution to the pet's decline in appetite and health, nobody has found a definitive answer.

The client also accused the specialist for having killed his dog and made many of the same accusations against them. If this client has the evidence that we were at fault for his dog's death, we have not seen it and he has a legal recourse open to him. Our attorney has been asked to reach out to him, but he has chosen to publicly accuse and "shame" us in as many ways as he can find. None of this leads to a peaceful resolution and none of the people he is trying to reach can solve the issue for him. How does recruiting others to post negative reviews help him? We will remain focused on our mission to treat pets as if they were our own.

Thank you to all our loyal clients who know how much we care and have shown your support during this time of stress.

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See the Pain, Treat the Pain!

Family Pet Hospital now has the latest Digital Thermal Imaging Camera available for veterinary use. Our pet patients cannot speak to tell us where they hurt.  Sometimes they yelp or flinch when we touch a sore, but often we can only guess where they hurt when symptoms are vague. Infra-red thermal imaging allows us to see where the inflammation is creating more heat, even if it is mild enough that the pet is not showing obvious pain.  This allows us to focus additional diagnostics, such as x-rays, or treatment options, such as laser therapy, in just the right place.  Come see what digital thermal imaging can reveal for your pet.

Beware of Peanut Butter with Xylitol!

A few new specialty peanut butter brands have started including xylitol as a sweetener.  Xylitol is toxic to pets and even a little bit can make them fatally ill.

We've gone DIGITAL!!!  Family Pet Hospital now has digital x-rays for checking for fractured legs, evaluating internal masses and finding that missing diamond ring that the new puppy was admiring.  We can even email the images to you to show family at home.  We have been using digital technology for dentistry for several years.  We also just upgraded the dental sensor & software to one of the most advanced systems available that gives correct exposure every time.  

We also just upgraded our in-house blood analyzers to state-of-the-art Heska Element DC7000 chemistry analyzer and Heska Element HT5 complete blood count analyzer.

And, have you seen our new video otoscope?  Now you can see everything that we see inside your pet's ears as we evaluate for ear infections, foxtails, ear mites and ticks in live action on the computer screen.

All this means that we can find out more for your pet in less time.  It demonstrates our commitment to bringing state-of-the-art technology to you, just like we promise in our Mission Statement.

American Veterinary Dental Society

Dr. Madsen is one of only half a dozen veterinarians in Utah that are members of the American Veterinary Dental Society.  This is a group of veterinarians that recognize the importance and value of dentistry in improving and preserving the health and vitality of our pets.  Dr. Madsen was the ONLY Utah veterinarian in attendance at the 2014 Veterinary Dental Forum in Atlanta, GA.  This is the premier dental conference where veterinarians come together to learn from the experts to provide high quality dental care for pets. 

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