Myth #5: Periodontal disease is an inevitable consequence of aging.

Basis for Myth: Many old dogs and cats have severe periodontal disease.

The Truth: Periodontal disease is entirely preventable. Through the judicious use of abrasive foods and toys (nothing too hard), appropriate home-care programs and timely professional oral hygiene procedures, it is very possible for a dog or cat to live a long life and lose no teeth to periodontal disease. Any time a dog or cat does lose a tooth to periodontal disease, it can been seen as a failure on our part to effect an appropriate preventative program. (The exceptions to this are Feline External Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions and animals with immune mediated and systemic conditions such as Lymphocytic/Plasmocytic Gingivostomatitis). Adopt a preventative approach to oral health by starting dental care before disease is established.