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Check out the discounts we give you simply for budgeting for your pets' healthcare!



Monthly Budget per Pet  $5 - $14  $15 - $24  $25 - $34 $35 - $49 $50+
   Toe Nail Trims  50% Off  FREE  FREE  FREE  FREE
   Multiple Pet Exam (per pet enrolled)  10% Off  10% Off  10% Off  10% Off  10% Off
   Boarding Discount  5% Off  5% Off  5% Off  5% Off  5% Off
  Cleansing Bath After Boarding >7 Nights FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE
   Rabies Vaccine   50% Off   50% Off  50% Off  50% Off 
   Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine      50% Off  50% Off   50% Off  
   Parasite Testing      10% Off  15% Off   20% Off  
   Oral Radiographs      10% Off  20% Off   30% Off  
   Medical Condition Exams      5% Off  10% Off   15% Off  
   Health Maintenance Wellness Exams       5% Off   10% Off  



  • A refundable setup fee of $20 is charged per family, not per pet.  The setup fee is refundable after 6 months of continuous savings deposits.  Any interruptions of the PAW Savings Plan will result in cancellation and requires a new setup fee to restart a new plan.  A new setup fee is not required to upgrade an active plan.  Downgrading or cancelling a plan during the first 6 months forfeits the $20 setup fee.
  • Discounts apply only to those pets that are enrolled in a PAW Savings Plan.  
  • All funds that are deposited by you into your account are available for you to use for any services and products from Family Pet Hospital for any of your pets.
  • Prices, discounts and program offerings are subject to change. 

"The PAW savings for our pets is as good as having an HSA for humans.  We almost never have to pay out-of-pocket.  There is always money available in our account."

--Erick & Alisa F. (& Hilde)


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