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Did you know the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1-3 million Americans are infected by zoonotic parasites each year?


What does this mean for you? Zoonotic parasites are microscopic bugs and worms that your pet can act as a carrier for, and through your interaction with your pet, they can be spread to you and your family.

Keeping your pet on a current parasite prevention and testing schedule is key to maintaining your pet's health as well as your own.

Myth: "Utah is a desert climate, so there aren't really any parasites."

Anyone that lives in Utah will tell you that we do have mosquitos, and a large number of harmful parasites are carried and spread by these pesky little bugs. Aside from mosquitos, your dog or cat can contract other parasites like giardia simply by licking out of a puddle. With the natural curiosity and energy that comes with being a dog or cat, the only way to be sure that your pet (and thereby you) is healthy is through proper testing and prevention.

Here are two effects of common zoonotic parasites:


Park City, Bountiful and Pleasant Grove have all had cases of children with pet parasites recently.  Is that something that any of us want to take a chance with? Schedule your pet's wellness exam today, and our doctors will help you keep your pet parasite-free.  We are also seeing increasing cases of Giardia in pets.

Check out the other parasites your pet could be carrying:

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Call: (801) 489-MEOW to get your pet on our prevention program.

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