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Dogs and cats are susceptible to a variety of illnesses.  Timely vaccinations, especially during the puppy & kitten stages of life, are an essential key in preventing the spread of disease and protecting the health of your furry family member.  At Family Pet Hospital, we are constantly monitoring the latest research on the safety and efficacy of available vaccinations so that we can tailor our recommendations specifically for your pet's lifestyle and risk factors.  Some vaccines are considered "core" requirements, while others are only recommended if the risk of exposure justifies the risks and costs of another vaccine.  If you've been trained that pets need "shots" each year, you will notice that our recommendations may vary from what you are used to.

Remember, keeping your pet current on immunizations is the cheapest form of insurance.  It is always easier and cheaper to prevent diseases than to treat them.  You may also want to consider pet insurance for those unexpected injuries and illnesses.

Rabies Vaccinations Can Cause Cancer in Cats!

Now that we have your attention, don’t panic!  

Rabies vaccination is required by law for allVacine_Adjuvant.jpg dogs and cats.  However, Feline Injection Site Sarcomas (FISS) have been recognized since the early 1990s.  It is now well documented that FISS is caused by chronic inflammation and repeated injection of irritating chemicals.  Killed vaccines, such as for rabies and feline leukemia viruses, commonly contain aluminum-based compounds that help stimulate the immune system.  However, the body is unable to eliminate these compounds effectively.  Cats are particularly sensitive to that inflammation and have a tendency to develop cancerous tumors, sometimes several years later, at the site where these vaccines are given. The incidence may only be 1 in 10,000, but is it worth the risk?  For the past several years Family Pet Hospital has been using the Purevax line of non-adjuvanted feline vaccines by Merial for all our cat vaccines.  This is our commitment to protecting your precious kitty from these deadly tumors.  These improved vaccines are not as cheap as those used at local vaccine clinics, shelters and even some veterinary clinics, costing as much as 4 times more.   So we offer you a choice: the cheaper rabies vaccine or the safer alternative for only a little more.

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Keep checking back as we outline more about the common illnesses for which your pet is at risk.

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