Changes are happening all the time, whether we notice it or not.  Especially in our senior pets.  Subtle things like unexplained weight changes, sleeping more, pacing, odors, skin & hair coat changes and changes in drinking & urinating habits are all common in older pets, but may also be a signal of other more serious problems.  Fall is a great time to pay special attention you our aging pets.  Check our our Senior Care page and download our FREE e-book on how to keep your mature pet healthy.

$15 – $65 rebates available on monthly parasites preventatives.  Protecting your pets protects your family as well.

 Our PAW Savings Program will save you $$$

Companion Therapy Laser

Typically, laser therapy runs between $40 to $60 per treatment.  Our laser therapy is priced at only $22 to $34 to make treatments easier on your budget because we truly want your pet to benefit from this amazing treatment.  We also have discounts on prepaid treatment bundles of 10% to 15% .  See our Laser Therapy page to learn more about this new medication-free technology.