Family Pet Hospital offers a special kind of medical savings account to help you budget for your pet’s regular medical care.  It can also be used to reduce the sudden out-of-pocket expenses for unexpected medical emergencies.  This is NOT an insurance policy (see our insurance recommendations under Payment Options on the New Patient Center tab), although we do recommend you consider investing in one.  Think of it more like a layaway program so that you don’t get caught in a bind when wellness & unexpected medical issues arise.

Our Prevention And Wellness, or P.A.W., program allows you to regularly budget $5, $15, $25, $35, $50 (you get the idea, however much you specify) for your pet care.  This is charged to your credit card once a month (or more often if you’d like) on the day you specify.  Then, when your pet is due for services, some or all of the money is already set aside.  This spreads out the cost of wellness care and even allows you to plan ahead for some of those procedures you may have been delaying for awhile.

Now, to make this program extra special, we’ve just improved your savings with more savings. The more you budget, the more you save.  For example:

  • Budget just $5 – $14 /month and toe nail trims (with other services) are half off, and save 10% on multiple pet exams if you enroll more than one pet.
  • At $25 – $34/month, in addition to the above savings, all toe nail trims (with other services) are free, rabies and kennel cough vaccines are 50% off, and you save on services like parasite testing, dental radiographs, dental antibacterial barrier, select oral homecare products, and medical condition examinations.
  • Set aside $50 /month and maximize your savings.
  • All your savings funds are available for you to use for any services & products from Family Pet Hospital for any of your pets, but the special discounts apply only for the pets actually enrolled.

Families have enjoyed the peace of mind our PAW Program has given them in being able to provide the level of care they desire for their furry family members.  It has been especially helpful for:

  • Long-term medications
  • Prescription Diets
  • Dentistry
  • Senior Wellness Screening
  • Parasite Screening & Prevention
  • Wellness Exams & Immunizations

Ask one our Customer Service Representatives how easy it is to sign up.  Our system is fully PCI compliant so all your personal data is secure.  Call:

801-489-MEOW (6369) Today


Check out the discounts we give you simply for budgeting for your pets’ healthcare!

Monthly Budget per Pet $5 – $14 $15 – $24 $25 – $34 $35 – $49 $50+
Toe Nail Trims (with other services) 50% Off FREE FREE FREE FREE
Multiple Pet Wellness Exam (per pet enrolled) 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off
 Rabies Vaccine – Adjuvanted 50% Off 50% Off 50% Off 50% Off
Rabies Vaccine – Non Adjuvanted 25% Off 25% Off 25% Off 25% Off
 Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine 50% Off 50% Off 50% Off
 Parasite Testing 10% Off 15% Off 20% Off
Select Oral Homecare products 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off
Oral Radiographs 10% Off 20% Off 30% Off
SANOS antibacterial barrier 20% Off 20% Off 20% Off
Medical Condition Exams 5% Off 10% Off 15% Off
Health Maintenance Wellness Exams 5% Off 10% Off
  • refundable setup fee of $20 is charged per family, not per pet.  The setup fee is refundable after 6 months of continuous savings deposits.  Any interruptions of the PAW Savings Plan will result in cancellation and requires a new setup fee to restart a new plan.  A new setup fee is not required to upgrade an active plan.  Downgrading or cancelling a plan during the first 6 months forfeits the $20 setup fee.
  • Discounts apply only to those pets that are enrolled in a PAW Savings Plan.
  • All funds that are deposited by you into your account are available for you to use for any services and products from Family Pet Hospital for any of your pets.
  • Prices, discounts and program offerings are subject to change.

“The PAW savings for our pets is as good as having an HSA for humans.  We almost never have to pay out-of-pocket.  There is always money available in our account.”

–Erick & Alisa F. (& Hilde)