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Welcome to Family Pet Hospital's Online Store

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Let us take the opportunity to explain the difference between our products and those on the Internet or in the catalogs and why we recommend that you purchase your pet medications from us and not from these other companies.

The most important difference is QUALITY. Our products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to us. These are shipped overnight and never stored in a non air-conditioned environment. Catalog or Internet goods are second, third, or even possibly fourth hand products. They are initially purchased from a veterinarian, sometimes in another country, and then resold several times. During this process they could be stored in a shed or in the bed of a truck. There is no temperature control and there is no regulatory agency like the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners or the American Animal Hospital Association to inspect how these products have been handled.

The second difference is the GUARANTEE. Our products are guaranteed 100% by the manufacturer. This means if there is any product failure, they will pay for treatment of your pet. Because there is no regulation beyond the primary veterinarian, the manufacturer will not offer this guarantee to catalog or Internet customers. If you were taking the medicine, which would you choose for yourself?

The third difference is the DOCTOR-CLIENT-PATIENT Relationship. We truly want to be the source for solutions to all your pet care needs. We are available for your pet's needs around the clock and we can look you in the eye and shake your hand. That is what caring for pets and people is all about. The efficacy of most products depends upon proper usage. We go over the product, how to properly administer the product, and in some instances even administer the initial dose so you can see how it is done. Internet pharmacies are frequently in legal disputes for their frequent violations of state pharmacy regulations. We assure you that the health of your pet is our primary goal.

Thank you for your business and taking time to read this notice. We are always willing to provide you with a written prescription that you may have filled at the pharmacy of your choosing as long as your pet is current on wellness examinations and screenings. Additionally, we have direct mail services for most prescriptions through our suppliers for your convenience. Please ask for details.

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