“We love your hospital. Daisy always seems happy to go there, and it helps to know she has somewhere so great to be when we’re gone.” 
-Jeanette Nielson, with Daisy-

Because we’re pet owners, we know how hard it can be to leave your pet… even to go to the post office, let alone vacation. That’s why we give every possible comforting attention to every boarding pet that walks through our doors.

Whether it’s overnight or over a month, you can leave your fears at the door, knowing that your pet can have fun with other pets while under the close watch of medically-capable individuals who love animals.

You provide…

In order to keep all our animals healthy and disease-free, we need proof of:

  • Fecal or intestinal parasite screen done within the last year if pet is current on monthly preventative such as Heartgard, Interceptor, Sentinel or equivalent
  • Completion of a broad spectrum dewormer such as Panacur at least 3 days prior to boarding if your pet is not current on a monthly preventative
  • Current rabies vaccination for dogs
  • Current DHP vaccination for dogs
  • Current bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination for dogs

And in order to keep your pet comfortable and happy, you are welcome to bring:

  • Your pet’s bed or some item containing your scent
  • Your pet’s food and/or their favorite treats
  • Your pet’s favorite toys
  • Your pet’s regular medication and medication schedule

We provide…

As part of your pet’s standard stay with us, they will receive:

  • Clean bedding
  • Fresh water
  • Food from Hill’s Science Diet
  • Outdoor playtime with other dogs of similar size and temperment at least four times daily
  • Personal playtime (upon request)
  • Pet friendly, calming pheromone therapy (Adaptil & Feliway).  NEW for 2018!


(Pricing subject to change – website may not be accurate)

 Small Dog (0-25 lbs)

 $ 25.99 / night

 Medium Dog (26-50 lbs)

 $ 28.31 / night

 Large Dog (51 – 99 lbs)

 $ 31.85 / night

 Extra Large Dog (100 lbs) (if Sun Room is open)

$36.35 / night

 Medicating: 1-2 meds

 $ 6.50 / day

 Medicating: 3+ meds

 $ 11.01 / day