You’ve indicated that your dog has not had a “negative” parasite test within the past 12 months OR that it has been more than 6 weeks since any preventative has been given.  Our clients trust that we are doing all that we can to protect their pets from unnecessary parasite exposure while in our care.  That includes you, too!  Let’s review your options so that we can get everything cleared for boarding.

Option #1:  Regularly Monthly Heartworm and Parasite Prevention is the best way to minimize the risks to your pet and your family.  Products such as Interceptor and Heartgard Plus have excellent reputations for controlling common parasites.  In addition to the intestinal parasite screening, a “negative” heartworm test is needed in dogs over 6 months of age before starting on the monthly preventative.  If all tests are “negative”, you are cleared for boarding 3 days after the first dose has been given.

Option #2: A single dose of a general dewormer can be administered that will eliminated most of the common intestinal worms.  Giardia & Coccidia are protozoal parasites that require additional treatments.  A current examination within the past 4 months is needed before dispensing prescription medications.

If repeat parasite testing is still not negative, or it has not been at least 6 days since the short-term dewormer was given, all is not lost.  You may still be allowed to board your pet, but with extra precautions and restrictions (daily medicating and leash walking for additional daily fee instead of free play in the exercise yards).  These restrictions are enforced until any parasite tests are completed with a “negative” result or for the duration of the boarding visit.  Please keep in mind that while most test results are available within 1-2 days, they may take as long as 5 days, so please plan accordingly.