Ask any athlete training for competition whether his / her diet plays an important role in their performance and you will hear a resounding “YES”!

Ask any physician how food choices affect the health of Americans and you’ll get quite a lecture.

Why should we assume that food quality isn’t just as important for our pets?  If you doubt that they are natural athletes, just see which of you wins a race around the yard, or who will give in to gasping for air first in a jog around the block.  Yet, so many pet owners are content with choosing the cheapest dog food on the grocery store shelf and feed it for years wondering why they have to scoop so much poop from the yard, why the dog sheds so much, why he has poor teeth and why he developed diabetes.  Almost every health problem veterinarians face everyday, have a nutritional component to them.

On the other hand, many clients do understand the importance of good nutrition in keep their pets healthy.  Unfortunately, there is also a lot of hype, myth and misunderstanding about what constitutes a healthy diet for Fido.  As a result, many people are turning to making their own pet foods and are unknowingly setting themselves (and their beloved pet) up for health headaches.

Below are a several articles on the dangers of generic diets, homemade pet foods, raw (BARF) diets and more.  If you ever want a straight forward food recommendation that is tailored to your pet’s lifestyle, health status and life stage, please call 801-489-6369 for a nutrition & wellness consultation.

NOTICE:  Pets eating raw diets are NOT permitted into many boarding and daycare facilities, including Family Pet Hospital, as it poses too great a risk for the staff and other boarding pets.

“Home cooking for your pet is harder than you think. I once saw a dog who was fed a home-cooked diet of chicken breast and vegetables for a year, and his bones became so weak that his jaw broke. If you would like to cook for your pet, find a veterinary nutritionist who can help guide you, or check out”Monica Revel, DVM, a vet in West Hollywood, California.

New study says “Risks Outweigh Benefits of Raw Meat-Based Diets for Pets” . Click to read the full article and find out which benefit does seem to be true about raw meat diets.

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