The Multimodal Approach to Arthritis Management is a combination of the best research of the past decades on arthritis relief for dogs.  While each mode of therapy has it’s own benefits in providing comfort, when used in appropriate combinations, this approach can provide synergistic benefits for pets suffering from the wear and tear of an active life.  Call for an evaluation of your pet’s joints today.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has developed two foods proven to help dogs with either advanced stages of arthritis as well as those with early arthritis signs or for those breeds at risk of developing joint disease.  Watch videos HERE of dog’s who’ve benefited from diets rich in EPA.  This breakthrough food has now been developed for CATS with arthritis, too!  Ask to try a bag risk free.

Not sure if your dog has arthritis?  Ask yourself these questions: OA Quiz.

Have you been hearing in the news about the use of Therapeutic Lasers for chronic pain in people.  It is now available at Family Pet Hospital for pets.  Check it out by Clicking Here.

Adequan injections can slow down osteoarthritis and even help repair damage within the joints.  Find out more.