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Celebrating National Pet Day With Kids

April 1, 2023

Pet Day is April 11th! Pets are very beneficial for children. Studies have shown that kids who grow up with pets tend to have fewer allergies and better immune systems than those without furry pals. Turns out all that dust, dirt, and fur may help build resistance! Pets also teach kids about loyalty, friendship, and empathy. And, they serve as playmates, cuddle buddies, and, occasionally, pillows or blankets. Here, a Springville, UT veterinarian offers some fun ways to celebrate this pawspicious occasion with your little ones.

DIY Toys 

Fluffy and Fido are very playful, and need lots of fun toys to amuse themselves with. To make a rope toy for dogs, cut an old T-shirt or towel into thin strips. Braid the strips together, then braid those braids together. You can make a big knot to tie it off when it’s big enough. Or, incorporate things like tennis balls or sweet potato jerky. As for Fluffy, she’ll probably appreciate a catnip toy. Take two pieces of material and cut them into the same shape. Put them together, outsides facing in, and sew the edges shut. Leave a small hole, which you’ll use to stuff catnip through before sewing it shut.

Photo Session 

Snap some cute pics! There are few things cuter than photos of kids with their furry friends. Plus, the light at this time of year can make for some beautiful photos. These may someday become treasured mementos. 


One thing all of our patients have in common? A love of snacks! Look up a simple recipe for dog or cat treats, and have your little ones try their hand at cooking. Just stick with pet-safe ingredients. 


This one is mostly for Fido. Fluffy is a homebody, and probably won’t want to leave her kingdom. (Kitties are also much safer indoors, but that’s another topic.) Take your canine pal somewhere new, like a new park or a dog-friendly cafe.


We may have been friends with Fluffy and Fido for thousands of years, but we’re still learning more about them every day. National Pet Day is a great time to have conversations with your kids about our animal companions, and go over some of the do’s and don’ts of caring for them. 

As your Springville, UT animal hospital, we’re here to help. Contact us for all your animal friend’s veterinary care needs!

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