We value our clients’ experience at The Family Pet Hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please let us and others know how we’re doing using one or all of the following methods:

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Wishful Suggestion: “Treat humans, too!  If there is one thing this clinic could do better it would be to treat ‘Old Fogie’s’ like me!  Y’all are awesome good?”

Outstanding review.  Suggestion: “I’m actually not sure.  Everyone and everything was fast and well-executed.  My cat came home quite mad at me, but the staff members treated her kindly and she is doing remakably better even just a few hours after her care.”

Outstanding review.  Suggestions: “If it is possible to have a shorter wait time before seeing the vet”

–Karen F.

“Galaxy has been having a hard time staying on her feet, so we started doing laser treatments and have seen an extraordinary improvement.  I highly recommend the laser treatment.”

–James R. & Galaxy

“This was the best veterinary office I have ever been to.  I truly felt that they cared about my pet’s health than the money in my wallet.  Will never go to a different vet ever again.  Definitely worth the 20 minute commute.  Would probably still come here even if it were a two hour commute.

–McCall B & Lulu

“The service the doctor provided was better than I am used to.  Staff is happy, kind and helpful.  I appreciate their smiling faces!  Thank you!”

“Everyone was so helpful and took amazing care of my puppy while he stayed there for a few nights.  They kept me updated on how he was and took excellent care of him.  I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else.”

–Anonymous Online Surveys

I just have that I am so pleased & impressed with my experience here today. You will be seeing us again soon.

–Laura C. with “Daisy”

Dr. Madsen is by far the best veterinarian I have ever seen. Bedside manners beyond compare. He goes so far beyond what is expected, and I will always take my pets to Family Pet Hospital. 

–Lisa O. with “Queenie”

This is the 3rd pet that I’ve brought to you. We have always had a great experience, and always recommend your clinic to people looking for a vet. Thank you for being awesome!

–Daren V. with “Wrigley”

I absolutely LOVE Family Pet Hospital. You guys are awesome! A special thank you to Nicole- she introduced me to your practice. 

–Perry B. with “Chloe”

Django & Rebel love Family Pet Hospital.  We had a great experience.

–Cameron L.

We have been SO very impressed by the Family Pet Hospital.  My husband and I agreed that our dog, Krug, was treated far better and received better care than we do at our own physician appts.  Our needs were met far beyond our expectations.

We really appreciate how quickly all staff members try to meet our needs.  I was especially grateful that I felt listened to.  Both the doctor and the nurses have gone the extra mile in taking time to explain things and answer our questions.  We can’t thank you enough for your incredible kindness and quality care.

–Jessica & Parker A.

I have come to you guys with all the pets I have had.  I love the service that you provide and I would refer you to everyone I know.  I have used other vets in the past and have not been satisfied until I started coming here.  I am a forever client and so is Sagan and any other pet if we have more.

–Tricia P

This is a great hospital.  They treat me and my pets wonderfully.  This is a big difference from some areas I’ve lived where all the clinics were owned by [a big corporate group].  Every place I go they buy up all the clinics and then service goes from wonderful to terrible and all the good vets leave.  The people here are friendly, interactive and seem to care about what is best for my pets.  I don’t feel rushed and they are eas to work with.  If I ask for a record they will give it to me and don’t make me wait weeks or make the whole process a nightmare.

–From an online survey

I love seeing Dr. Madsen.  He is so great and so awesome to talk to about my pets, giving endless great information .  He is passionate about what he does.  It is easy to trust him completely.  The staff is always so friendly there, whether on the phone or in person.

–Tina F

You fit our cat in on a day you were booked up, helped us get him in and out of the car, took time to assess his needs and cared for him, and even charged us less than the expected cost for the procedure because it went more easily than anticipated!  Thank you!  You always treat our pets and us with kindness, respect, and a feeling of personal investment.  This is why we love you!  Thank you!!

–Julie D & Janece H

The staff and doctor are extremely personable and answer all of my questions as well.  Above all, they truly show affection and care towards my cat.  What I like best?: Close location, they are personable, professional, and caring.  They let me know what services are available without making me feel pressured or guilty.


  • Telephone Professionalism: Better than I expected
  • Atmosphere & cleanliness: Outstanding
  • Staff Professionalism: Outstanding
  • The Nurse’s Treatment of Me: Exceptional
  • The Doctor’s Services: Exceptional
  • Overall Experience: You provided an outstanding experience
  • What could be better: Be open on Saturday, I know its hard to do though

–Kevin F

We came in to Family Pet Hospital for the first time with our dog.  Dr. Madsen was very professional and went over all our options.  He didn’t push any type of treatment and explained everything in clear terms.  I was impressed with the genuine concern that Dr. Madsen showed for us and our dog.

–Rachel O & Manny

We’ve enjoyed the staff at Family Pet Hospital.  They treated Sassie & Chloe great!  They are very friendly and helpful.  We come and visit family and we’ll be back again.

–Debbie S.

You guys are always great!  My pets feel welcomed and loved all the time.

–Joni B.

Dr. Grant [Madsen] was thorough and gentle with our pup.  Great care!.


Thank you for taking care of Pepper.  We love her so much and appreciate her good care from you.  Everone has been so good to us.

–Vicki B.

My experience with Family Pet Hospital is EXCELLENT.  I’ve been here with all my pets – dogs, cats, rabbit and guinea pig.  I recommend anyone with a pet to come see this vet.

–Shawn J.

It’s always a great visit!  The staff is super friendly & helpful.  I always recommend Family Pet Hospital to my friends & family.

–Kelly M.

Family Pet Hospital in Mapleton has always treated our dog & cats with love & kindness.  Fast, friendly service.

–Jan D.

“Sunshine is over 20 yrs old.  He had gotten to the point where he couldn’t jump on the couch or go up and down the stairs.  After his laser treatments however, he was active again.  Jumping on furniture & racing down stairs is fun & easy for him after treatment.  He acts like he is 10 years younger.”

–Cyndi K.

“As a breeder, I have used Family Pet Hospital for a few years and have always been treated with a professional and caring staff.  Dr. Madsen goes above and beyond to answer questions and research genetic questions.  It is always very each time we do business in this office.  I highly recommend this team!

–Camille B.  Canyon Creek Kennels

“I love this clinic.  The staff is helpful and knows us and our pets.  The doctors are kind and great with animals.  Keep up the good work!

–Pat E.

“We love the Family pet Hospital!  They take great care of our dogs.”

–Jessie W.

The staff at Mapleton Pet Hospital were very friendly & genuinely seemed to be concerned about my dog.  I would recommend them to others.

–Shawn R.

“Great experience, as ever.  Staff: friendly & efficient.  We feel very comfortable bringing our Elphie & Zoe here!”

–Wendy J

“Everyone here has been wonderful.  The staff is helpful and kind.  Dr. Madsen is knowledgeable and it is obvious everyone here cares.”

–Amberly P.

“I have always had wonderful and friendly service when I have co in.  We love coming to the Family Pet Hospital.”

–Suzanne H.

“Frankie, our Cavalier Spaniel pup, is always loved and adored at Family Pet Hospital.  We are always happy to have her seen by Dr. Madsen and his staff.”

–Jonathan L.

“This animal hospital is the friendliest one I have ever been to.  ALL the staff is amazing and very welcoming and caring!!  I would never go anywhere else.  It’s nice to know that you, as a person, and your dogs, which in most cases are a part of your family, are treated so well!!

–Emily S.

“The Family Pet Hospital has always been good to me and my animals.  Dr. Madsen has always been friendly and good.  The staff has always been friendly and caring for my pets.”

–Josh G.

“The Family Pet Hospital is always very warm & friendly.  Anytime our dogs need to be seen, the staff fits us in.”

–Brenda B.

“Your front office staff make this place wonderful!  Your nurses are a huge asset to the doctor.”

–Erlene H. & Pudy

Just out for a bicycle ride in the beautiful sunshine.  Stoppin’ by the Family Pet Hospital to show off.

–Daralee J., Curly Sue & Peanut

“I was very impressed with the therapy laser used to help heal a widening scar resulting from her overly active soon after her spay procedure.  Diamond was about 6 months old at the time and the laser allowed the width and swelling  and the scarring to be hardly noticeable before the hair on her shaved belly even had a chance to grow back.  Thank you and the staff at Family Pet Hospital for providing such a great treatment for my puppy.

–Travis B. & Black Diamond

“I have no recommendations for improvement.  I recognize that y’all sincerely care about Georgia and she is aware of that, too.  Thank you so much!  You provide an outstanding experience.”

–Allyson P. & Georgia

“What can I say?  Family Pet Hospital in Mapleton is really a great place for dogs and humans alike.  We are both taken care of–genuinely welcomed, given information so I can make an informed decision, and my dog has been given great care.  I highly recommend the hospital (which means the whole staff–admin, nurses, and Dr. Madsen) to anyone looking for a vet!

–Emily L & Molly

You provided an outstanding experience.  The staff was caring and the vet answered all my questions.

–Missi F.

I always feel like you and your staff treat me and my dogs like the hometown feel of Mapleton, which is careing for others!!  Than you!

–Shauna L.

I don’t think I would change anything.   We have always entrusted our “family” members with the Family Pet Hospital.  Wouldn’t have it any other way!  Thanks for all you do.

–Patti W. & Chino

The doctor answered all my questions very thoroughly and provided me with printouts about what we talked about in more detail.  The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.  It was extraordinarily easy to get an appointment.  And the savings plan that they have available to you is a fantastic idea.  And the price for the visit was quite reasonable.  5 stars!

–Enoch M.

You provided an outstanding experience.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  The whole visit went perfect and all of the staff was extremely helpful!

–Sephen S. & Jack

Everyone was very friendly and great with our rabbit — it was nice to see her doted on and complimented by the staff.  Becky even had a “toy” to send home with Ruby — a long piece of packageing paper for her to rip up to her heart’s content. Emily was super nice, and she and Dr. Madsen were as great to talk to me about ME (and my soon-to-arrive twins) as they were to talk to me about Ruby.  It probably shouldn’t be this much fun to go to the vet.🙂

–Adrienne E.

“You guys are wonderful!  I recommend you to everyone.  Thank you for always taking care of my babies!!” — Ollie B.

“We called every vet in the area and you guys were the only ones who asked for–and used–our names and our pet’s name. You just seemed the nicest and friendliest of anybody we called!”

–Jeremiah & Amberly E. & Max

“The main difference at this hospital is the spirit of it.  You’re not just in and out the door, but you’re treated with love and kindness, just like your pets are!” –Jenny P & Olive

Norma, Leann and Ella provided feedback on an online survey stating that the care at the Family Pet Hospital was “outstanding”, “exceptional”, and that the staff professionalism either met expectations or was “better than expected”.

“Your staff’s professionalism was better than I expected.  You provided an outstanding experience.”  –Leann B. & Lucy

I am very grateful to Dr. Madsen for his gentleness and generosity.  I have been trying to find a vet like this.  When I picked Sadie up after her dentistry, she didn’t act scared to be there at all.  I can tell that you genuinely care about me and Sadie.  Since her dentistry, she acts better and when she eats, she acts like it is easier to crunch down on her food.  –Ms. V.

I would definitely recommend the Family Pet Hospital to anyone with a furry loved one! I could tell my cat, Peaches, felt better when we got home, which I’m very grateful for. I could tell everyone wanted to make her as comfortable as possible, again very grateful for that! You guys are awesome! –Online survey response from Shauna L.

Anonymous response to online survey question: “If there was one thing we could do better, what would it be?”  “Nothing… You guys are the BEST!:-)”  10/5/12

Most friendly, helpful vets office I’ve ever been in — and I’ve been in a lot over the years! I was a walk-in and was helped immediately. Thanks so much!  –Anonymous online survey response 9/23/12

You provide the absolutely finest veterinary service I have ever had. I so appreciate Dr. Madsen and all of his outstanding staff.  –Anonymous online survey response 9/11/12

“Slippy LOVES coming here! I think the true test of a veterinary hospital is when the pets actually enjoy going there. You guys are wonderful.”  –Peggy W. with Slippy

“Maxima has never been so calm at a vet before–he usually gets so scared and just hides and shakes the entire time we’re there. He really seems to like it here!” –Marlean O. with Maxima the chihuahua.

“You guys were so great to us last time we were here with Buddy, of course we came back when he got hurt today!” –Carrie and Johnathan (and Buddy, who is doing well after his exam with Dr. Madsen verified that his injury wasn’t too serious!)

Such a wonderful place to take my youngest child (cat). I always have a good experience, even when I go there just to buy cat food. He’s in good hands!

We just got his one-year booster shots and exam. Dr. Madsen and the staff were so informative and gave us all the time we, and our cat, needed. I’m so glad I found you!  –Katherine B & Dusty

Dr. Madsen is a sweetheart. I love coming to the Family Pet Hospital because you took such great care of Jada. This is the only vet that I have come to that actually called to follow up on the progress of his pet and ask how she is doing. He took the time to sit down with me and explain what was going on. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and would recommend Family Pet Hospital to anyone.   –Tom B. with Jada the Yorkie

“We have not had pets for a long time, and this is the best vet that we have brought any of our pets to. The whole staff is wonderful!”  -Steve J. with Australian Shepherd puppy Annie Oakley

“Family Pet Hospital is the best clinic I’ve ever brought my pets to! We love coming there. I wouldn’t change a thing about your service!”  –Tangie A. with Bobby and Sady

“We’ve tried five different boarding facilities with Toby, and this is the only place he’s ever pulled toward the door to come in!”  –Rick G.

“We weren’t sure if we wanted to board Mozzie anywhere, but you guys take such great care of him and I feel so safe bringing him here!” –Ali M. with Mozzie

We adopted Leia and she had the worst breath. We brought her here to have her teeth cleaned and you have given us a new dog. She prances around and acts so much happier! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Leia and Maddie. We love you guys.  –Martena P.

I love the Family Pet Hospital! I can’t emphasize that enough. They are AWESOME. I took them my very sick rabbit, Ruby, and they were so good with her–and with me! I appreciated their tender care of her and how nice and patient they were with me, too. They’re very professional but also very personable, and I felt like Ruby was in great hands. Dr. Madsen was great, as was every member of the staff that I interacted with. I felt like they really understood that Ruby is my baby and took care of her accordingly. I really can’t say enough good things about them–but trust me, if you need a vet, you’re not going to find better care for your pet anywhere.  –Adrienne

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving my little Bentley the best care around. 🙂  He’s doing great!”  –April H.R.

“Every time we come into the hospital, it’s like coming back to old friends and feeling comfortable. The staff is always warm and welcoming.”  –Michael B. & Biscuit

“I am extremely satisfied with the Family Pet Hospital. The staff is SO nice and friendly. The vet was very knowledgeable, took the time to explain all of my options to me and answered my questions. I didn’t feel like they overcharged me. I am never going back to my old vet!”  –Ashley W. & Catalina