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Your Trusted Resource for Quality, Compassionate Vet Care in Mapleton, UT, Springville, UT and beyond

We provide veterinary services for every stage in your pet’s life to a lifetime of preventive care.
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A group of Golden Retriever dogs running in an open field
A group of Golden Retriever dogs running in an open field
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A Special Place For Your Four-Legged Friend

As humans, we take great care in choosing physicians who treat us with dignity, compassion and respect. 

What about our furry family members? Don’t they deserve good bedside manner as well?

At Family Pet Hospital, we sure think so! In fact, it’s our mission to make visits to the vet a positive experience for everyone involved!

We are a full service Mapleton and Springville, UT area vet, offering state-of-the-art care, from laser technology to advanced dentistry and everything in between.

More importantly, we are dedicated to delivering that care with a gentle, reassuring touch. Our staff practices low-stress handling techniques and will do whatever it takes to help your pet feel at ease.

We’ve been proudly serving the Mapleton and Springville, UT area since 2002 and welcome the opportunity to partner with you in managing your loved one’s health. If you are in the market for a new Mapleton / Springville, UT area vet – one who will treat you both as part of the family – we invite you to give us a try!

Call or stop in and see us any time! We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to serving all your pet’s veterinary care needs for many years to come!

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We provide individual care and support to each person and pet we serve

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What your Neighbors say!

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Lori MayLori May
21:42 15 Nov 22
The veterinarians at Family Pet Hospital are so great to work with. I have a Standard Poodle and a Labradoodle and both have been seen at the Family Pet Hospital. When my Labradoodle was quite a young puppy she developed a carpal valgus deformity. When we first really noticed her foot was turning outward and were very concerned about this, The Family Pet Hospital was the only vet willing to work her in within a timely manner to assess the situation. They were then able to refer me to an orthopedic vet who could correct the deformity through surgery. I am very pleased with the attention my dogs are given during their yearly checkup as well as when health issues need to be addressed. Most veterinarians are extremely busy assisting pet owners with their pet's health needs and so sometimes there is a wait time to get pets in. I feel like The Family Pet Hospital has really tried to accommodate in as reasonable time as they can due to their work load. I recommend The Family Pet Hospital to anyone looking for good veterinarians.
Shawna ForeShawna Fore
00:37 01 Sep 22
Dr Lee and her nurse , Becca, were incredible with my new baby! When I adopted Georgia she had 2 serious wounds on her foot. Dr. Lee verified Georgia's foot had been degloved. So now we're looking at a couple months of laser treatments to look forward to. I have been going to Family Pet Hospital for the past 16 years. I trust they will do what's best for our fur babies!
17:21 08 Aug 22
I absolutely adore Family Pet Hospital. We brought my cat here for her visits when I was a kid. And now as an adult, I brought my cat here for a checkup, and they are every bit as amazing that I remember. Tia, my cat, felt comfortable and they were extremely careful with her and kind. Makes me so happy to know my cat is healthy and there’s a plan in place to keep her healthy. Thank you!
Becky CooperBecky Cooper
22:52 25 Jan 22
We dearly love our Henry. Without children of our own, my husband and I feel for our furbaby what we can only imagine parents might feel for their own child. For lack of any other experience, he is "our child". So finding a reliable veterinarian we felt we could trust was important to us, especially having moved from Pennsylvania where a close friend of ours was our established vet (and Henry's only doctor he'd ever known), it was hard to make the change when we moved here.We're grateful to have found Family Pet Hospital. I feel bad for others who have had a complete opposite experience that we've had, where customer service wasn't a positive experience for them. I have only ever spoken to and interacted with really kind and empathetic receptionists, nurses, and Dr. Marcel Lee goes above and beyond to explain everything in detail and is patient with questions, and really seems sincere in wanting to help and get to know her patients.I absolutely LOVE the "report cards" sent to my email, I for one love to have all the written details we discussed on hand and have a copy of the records for me to review again. My memory isn't great, so I appreciate having my own copies of everything, with instructions and reminders.With any business, ANY business there will be goods sold to customers. That doesn't have to be offensive or a turn off, if any of us were to run our own business we would follow 'best practices' taught to us on how to offer goods we recommend our customers use. I trust that they only "sell" their customers products they themselves have used or would use for their own pets. So the other reviews mentioning they 'just want money', I don't agree. I have a totally different impression of this hospital and I trust them as being honest and sincere. I am very protective of "my baby", and would only trust honest and authentic people with him and Dr. Marcel Lee & her team are good people.With issues in making appointments, Henry is a senior dog and woke up suddenly this morning in incredible pain. We were able to make an appointment the same day due to the urgency of his symptoms. They were very accommodating and it was reassuring to know that under an urgent need they would be willing to find a way to see him as soon as possible, and they were. They were nothing but kind and sensitive to me on the phone and at the appointment. I hope that others can have the same experience we have had, and any who encounter otherwise, I would hope they would take into account that we're all imperfect humans, some of us are learning, some of us have 'bad days' and we're ALL under a great amount of stress day to day seeking for ways to keep positive as often as possible. I would hope that we would be willing to seek to understand what might be behind the behavior we don't understand.
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