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Home Dental Care

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Dental home care is for preventative maintenance.  It cannot correct problems once they have developed.

Family Pet Hospital carries a variety of toothbrushes, pet-friendly toothpastes, oral gels, water additives, treats & chews, as well as oral health diets to assist you in keep your pet’s teeth healthy. 

Keep in mind that while nothing is as effective as toothbrushing, many oral care products can improve your home care efforts.  Oral gels, enzymatic water additives, rawhide chews, dental diets and other similar products are aimed at reducing the bacterial biofilm that develops on the teeth each day.  Even with excellent home care, regular veterinary evaluations and periodontal cleaning is vital to treat those areas in the mouth and around the teeth that cannot be reached or even seen without anesthesia.

See the link below to read how one Veterinary Technician taught her “vicious cat” to accept daily toothbrushing.

The following link is an excellent, step-by-step discussion on introducing your pet to daily toothbrushing: Toothbrushing Made Easy