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Keeping A Senior Cat Active 

Did you know that cats are considered seniors around the age of 11? Of course, many of our feline pals are living well into their teens or even twenties these days, so Fluffy may have a long, comfortable retirement ahead…

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5 Ways To Keep Your Cat Healthy

Kitties are known for being both independent and easy keepers. (They’re also known for being adorable little jerks, but that’s another topic.) Fluffy may think of herself as invincible, but in truth she is actually vulnerable to a variety of…

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Benefits Of Laser Therapy

One thing that we are happy to offer here at Family Pet Hospital is laser therapy. Laser therapy has actually been around longer than many people think: it was first invented back in the 70’s. Over the past few decades,…

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Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Does your dog have bad breath? Fido’s affectionate smooches may never smell minty fresh, but they shouldn’t kill your houseplants, either. Bad breath is often a sign of dental issues, which are no more fun for pets than they are…

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Caring For An Arthritic Dog

Did you know that as many as 80 percent of dogs over the age of eight develop arthritis? While this is more common in older pooches, Fido can develop arthritis at any point in his life. In fact, about 20…

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