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Advocating For Animals

National Animal Advocacy Day is on the 30th. This cause holds a special place in our hearts. Our furry friends are just as emotional and loving as humans, and they truly bring joy and fulfillment to our lives. Nevertheless, they…

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Celebrating World Hamster Day!

World Hamster Day is April 12th. Hamsters are popular pets among children, and for good reason. They are friendly, easy to take care of, cute, and do not require much space—all of which make them ideal animal companions for children….

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Veterinary Wisdom: Essential Senior Cat Care Tips

Is your feline companion beginning to show signs of aging? Although cats are generally considered seniors around age 11, many are now living well into their teens or even their twenties, enjoying a prolonged retirement. You’ll likely notice subtle, gradual…

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Things Pets Would Do If They Grew Thumbs

You may have noticed that we enjoy observing all of the various pet holidays on the calendar. March has one of the funniest and silliest, with If Pets Had Thumbs Day. As you may know, many scientists credit mankind’s opposable…

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Senior Dog Feeding Tips

Have you recently noticed gray fur around your dog’s muzzle? It’s not easy to realize that your canine pal is reaching his senior years. His care needs will change a bit. While it’s probably safe to say Fido will never…

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