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Holiday Pet Safety

December 1, 2023

Happy Holidays! Over the next few weeks, many of you will be pampering your cats even more than usual, and offering them extra toys, treats, and catnip. Our feline buddies are part of the family, and they definitely deserve a few special things at this time of year. Of course, Fluffy’s frisky streak will be on full display this month, so you’ll want to take some precautions to keep her out of trouble. A Springville, UT vet offers some insight on that in this article.


Many of those yummy seasonal dishes contain ingredients that are not safe for kitties. Don’t let Fluffy have meat on the bone; grapes, currants, or raisins; garlic and onions; avocado; pitted fruit; raw dough; chocolate; alcohol; dairy products; or anything that contains xylitol. Smaller items, such as hard candies, also present choking hazards. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Many playful pets have a hard time resisting shiny objects, or anything that looks like a potential toy. That’s something to keep in mind as you decorate. Keep anything that could be dangerous out of paws’ reach. That list includes anything small or sharp, such as manger pieces, ornaments and ornament hooks, and any small decorations. Items that are ropy or stringy, such as tinsel, garlands, and ribbons, are also unsafe, as they present choking and entanglement hazards. Finally, be cautious with plants. Many popular seasonal plants, such as holly, ivy, mistletoe, and poinsettias, are toxic to kitties.


Cats love playing with ribbons and shiny things, and those presents under the tree may include both. If your kitty won’t leave the presents alone, distract her by giving her a few of her things a bit early. Some of the things you may want to put in your feline buddy’s stocking include toys, treats, catnip, and, of course, new beds. (Fluffy also won’t mind getting some of those empty boxes.) 


The holidays can also cause a lot of changes to Fluffy’s everyday schedule. Guests, schedule changes, and decorations can upset pets. Take time to walk and play with your furry pal, and offer some comfort items, such as bedding and toys. If your kitty is extremely nervous, ask your vet about using calming products to help your scaredy-cat get through the holidays. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your local Springville, UT animal clinic, we’re here for you!

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