As of March 16, 2020, the following precautions will be taken to protect you, our doctors and our staff from the potential spread of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 while continuing to provide care. These steps will remain in place until the risk of this pandemic has subsided and the supply of personal protective gloves & masks and disinfectants has normalized. For anyone exhibiting flu-like or cold symptoms in the future, these precautions will remain in place. Please do not think us unfriendly if we do not shake your hand as we normally like to do. By avoiding illness, these measures will allow us to continue offering services as long as possible. Clients who wish to implement these safety precautions at any time are welcome to do so, just inform us when you make your appointment.

  • All appointments will be handled as we currently handle medical drop off appointments.
  • No clients will be allowed inside the hospital. We will meet you at the front door or your car to admit or discharge your pet.
  • For wellness exams & procedures, please wait in your car while your pet is examined and treated.
  • One of our nurses will either help you fill out the preappointment history at your car or on the telephone.
  • Please remain available for consultation or additional treatment authorization by telephone.
  • For surgeries and extended medical cases, you need not stay. We will call when the procedures are complete to arrange a discharge time.
  • All payments will need to be made by credit / debit card on the telephone or online. We will not accept cash during this crisis.
  • Physical examination findings will be communicated via telephone, email or printed report cards.

We are investigating the option of telemedicine consultations via the internet to implement in the near future. This will aid in determining whether a personal examination is even necessary, or whether treatment recommendations can be made without a physical visit. This service will still incur a consultation fee at a reduced rate that may be applied to an actual physical examination if needed. There are certain limitations and legal requirements that must be met as many conditions cannot be properly diagnosed without a hands-on evaluation and laboratory testing. Please do not ask for antibiotics or other prescriptions unless we have already established a diagnosis for a specific condition.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Grant L. Madsen, DVM
Marcel W. Lee, DVM
Family Pet Hospital Staff